The House

What is a "Malouinière"

Even if many large houses are often, along the Emerald Coast in Brittany called "Malouinières", there are only 112 which can rightly claim the name "Malouinière". Only 47 remain today, having been built between 1660 and 1730.
The word was originally used in the 18th century to describe the fashionable weekend houses built in the "Clos Poulet" at the gates of the walls of Saint Malo.
Built by wealthy shipowners, captains and merchants, these mansions were always the subject of great pride. Less than an hour from the city on horseback, their owners could easily escape the nuisances of the city to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside far from the sea.

chambres a louer dans manoir saint-jouan-des-guerets bretagne

The story of our house

The "Malounière des Trauchandières" was built by the privateer Guillaume La Perche des Trauchandières, who later became secretary to King Louis XIV.

He commanded the Glorieuse, one of the ships of Admiral Duguay-Trouin's naval expedition to Brazil in 1711.

The previous year, the Portuguese had taken 700 French prisoners and Louis XIV had given the order to send an armada of 17 French ships to free them. The city which was (in theory) impregnable was besieged by the F

rench and the governor of Rio de Janeiro was held for a large ransom.
This was divided into three parts: one for the King of France, the other for the crew and the third for the captain.
This operation proved to be a great success and all those who invested money doubled their bet.
Guillaume La Perche des Trauchandières returned happy with his booty and he built his malouinière in 1714